[Mailman-Users] New to Mailman (and Linux)

jdanield jdanield at free.fr
Tue Dec 4 21:51:28 CET 2012

Le 03/12/2012 19:00, Neil Carson a écrit :

> I have been reading up on Mailman on  http://list.org/  and
> http://en.opensuse.org . Are there other good resources out on the web for
> Mailman?

if you happen to read french, I'm a happy opensuse/mailman user and 
blogged about it


I can also comment in english

I also have an english page:


specially for postfix config


all this is extremely openSUSE centered and for a very limited use, I 
setup servers for ten years now, but I'am still  a beginner in many 
respects :-(



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