[Mailman-Users] some messages sent are not archived

Fernando Pérez Cos fernando at thespanishcourse.com
Thu Dec 6 10:51:02 CET 2012


I am a new Mailman user.

Last night, I sent a messages to the mailing list but it didn't seem to

This morning I sent another one and it didn't seem to work either.

None of the messages were in the archive.

Therefore, I changed the privacy options, sender filters. The
member_moderation_action was in "Discard" and I changed it to "Hold".

I sent the message again and I could see it at "Tend to pending moderator
requests". I accepted it and it was sent.

However, it seems that subscribers have received the three messages, even
though, in the archive, there's only one message and not the other three.
Can anyone tell me why this happen and how to avoid itin the future?

Thank you in advance,



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