[Mailman-Users] need help with mailman mail is coming into my spam box

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Dec 29 03:51:05 CET 2012

Philip R. Canterbury writes:

 > mail is coming into my spam box  I don't know if this is problem
 > for all the people on my list, but is their something i can change?

Stop using Yahoo for your mail, as far as your personal situation
goes.  I'm only half-joking -- I'm in the fortunate position of being
able to require exactly that, as almost all of my subscribers have
multiple addresses, at least one of which is not a freemail service.

What the list can do depends on the ISP and the MUA.  If the spam box
you are talking about is on yahoo.com, you can probably at least
temporarily relieve the problem by registering your list with Yahoo.
However, you need to do that kind of thing with every mail service
your users use, and of course you can't find out until they complain.
And if they are subscribed from their employers or schools, in most
cases they will need to deal with their own bureaucracy.

The most likely cause of getting classed as spam at the major freemail
services and ISPs (based on past mailman-users posts) is probably that
some of your users don't distinguish among "delete message",
"unsubscribe list", and "report spam", using "report spam" for all

Also, you should check that indeed no spam *at all* is getting through
your list.  Even one true spam will trigger some services' blacklists,
and you will go through hell (ie, huge amounts of bureaucratic
registering and proving your worthiness to send mail to their
customers) trying to get back on their good sides.  If you *did* pass
*any* spam, or even a legitimate post from a user selling something,
be prepared to explain what you are doing to stop that in the future,
or demonstrate that your double opt-in process informs the users at
every stage that your list includes email solicitations (ie, if the
user didn't explicitly acknowledge they want them, they *are* UCE).



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