[Mailman-Users] RELEASED: GNU Mailman 3.0 beta 3

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Mon Dec 31 20:29:13 CET 2012

Hello friends of Mailman!

    I said I played this song so many times before
    That the melody keeps repeating

Time for my usual "sneak one in before the new year" release!  I'm
happy to announce the third beta release of the core Mailman 3.0
engine.  Mailman 3.0b3 is code named "Here Again".

You can download GNU Mailman 3.0b3 from Launchpad or the Python


The GNU Mailman documentation is available online at:


Alpha releases of Postorius, our new web ui are available at:


You might also like to take a look at the new archiver project called


GNU Mailman, Postorius, and Hyperkitty are all distributed under the GNU
General Public License version 3 or later.

Detailed changes in Mailman 3.0b3 are available here:


Here's a summary of the most user and developer visible changes:

 * Python 2.7 is now required.  Python 2.6 is no longer officially

 * The canonical resource for a mailing list in the REST API now uses
its list-id by default instead of its posting address.  For backward
   compatibility, you can still reference a mailing list by its posting
   address.  However the list-id is more stable since it will not

 * REST API change: The JSON representation for held messages has
changed to a more flat representation.

 * You can now specify a list style to use when creating a mailing list
   through the REST API.

 * The `subject_prefix` attribute of mailing lists can be get/set
through the REST API.  Thanks to Terri Oda.

 * Membership change moderation (subscriptions and unsubscription
requests) are available through the REST API.

 * `list_id` is added to the JSON representation for a mailing list.
Thanks to Jimmy Bergman.

 * User resources are expanded in the REST API.  You can change a user's
   display name or password, and you can now verify their password
through REST by posting the plain text password and checking the HTTP
response code.

 * Addresses can now be verified and unverified through the REST API.

 * Some changes have been made to the configuration file format.
   - [passlib]path is renamed to [passlib]configuration
   - [mta]configuration names a separate file to configure Postfix
   - The default style is now called `legacy-default`, and a
`legacy-announce` style has been added.  You can select the system
default style through via the [styles]default configuration.

 * More database schema cleanups, in both the ban table and the
mailinglist table.

 * Changes in the options for the `bin/mailman aliases` command.

 * Lots of other bug fixes.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year,
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