[Mailman-Users] Change of member address via web fails

Kaja Podlaska Christiansen kaja at science.au.dk
Mon Feb 6 11:51:50 CET 2012

Nancy Shoemaker wrote

> I'm one of those who does not have access to the command line utilities (Mailman
> installed on shared hosting via control panel).

Our list admins (we have about 500 lists and 300 admins) are in the same
situation: they do not have access to the Mailman server and command line
scripts, and thus must administer lists via web.

Although I am a site admin and could help by running clone_member script,
I'd much prefer that this task is left to list admins.

The link provided by Mark Sapiro:

   Feature Request: Admin change subscriber's e-mail

shows that the issue is not a new one, so I am looking forward to this
feature in Mailman 3. Last but least: big thank you to Mailman developers
for a great system; we've been running it since 1999!

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