[Mailman-Users] Coworking member mailing list - help!

Susan Evans susan.c.evans at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 23:59:27 CET 2012

Hello fine Mailman Users!

I am one of the owners & operators of Office Nomads<http://officenomads.com/>,
a coworking <http://coworking.com> space in Seattle, WA. We have been using
Mailman to manage our internal member mailing list for several years, to
enable our members to contact one another about job postings, events going
on, and requests for help. It's a fantastic system that is easy to use, but
we're running up against a challenge: we've hit the 100 member mark and
therefore don't have room for everyone on the mailing list.

We are currently hosted at Bluehost, which I recognize is the piece that is
responsible for the 100-member limit.

Do any of you have recommendations on which hosting provider might not
implement 100-member limits? The key here is that we're not looking for an
email blast list like Mailchimp. We are looking for a system to use that
enables any member to send a message to all of our members in the space.

It's one little growing pain for us, but I'd love to hear any
recommendations you all might have for how to solve the problem. I checked
through the archive of questions adn the FAQ but didn't see any
recommendations for alternate places to host our mailing list so we can
keep using Mailman.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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