[Mailman-Users] Image orientation in scrubbed attachments

malgosia askanas ma at panix.com
Sat Feb 11 03:02:46 CET 2012

Mark, thank you very much for your help, which got me on the right track.  Indeed, the problem is that iPad photos, even when they are taken with a portrait orientation, always carry Exif data that claim a landcape orientation.  Web browsers and many mail clients orient pictures according to the Exif information.  So, to make a long story short, if I remove the incorrect Exif orientation-info from those pictures before sending them to Mailman, they display correctly after scrubbing.

Thanks again,

At 9:04 AM -0800 2/9/12, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>malgosia askanas wrote:
>>When scrubbing an image attachment such as a jpeg, Mailman seems to always orient it into landscape mode - irrespective of the orientation of the original.  Is there some way to prevent this?
>Whatever is doing what you observe, it's not Mailman. It may be the web
>browser that opens the link to the scrubbed attachment or something
>else, but Mailman makes no changes whatsoever to the content of the
>attachment. Mailman just decodes the (presumably base64 encoded)
>content and saves it in a file and provides a URL to access the file.
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