[Mailman-Users] Editable template files‏

Jezz jeremy at fairbrass.co.nz
Thu Feb 16 00:47:46 CET 2012

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the editing of public HTML pages and text files 
within a Mailman list.

I'm using Mailman 2.1.14 which is hosted with cPanel. On this particular 
setup, when I log into the GUI (as list owner) with the list's admin 
password and go to "Edit the public HTML pages and text files", I only have 
the following four template files listed there for me to edit:

* General list information page
* Subscribe results page
* User specific options page
* Welcome email text file

However, in the past I've seen other implementations of Mailman hosted 
elsewhere (not using cPanel), which have a number of other template files 
available for editing in the same place - in particular the various email 
templates used by the system can be edited there. For example I've seen the 
following files available for editing via the "Edit the public HTML pages 
and text files" location, on other implimentations of Mailman:

* approve.txt
* cronpass.txt
* disabled.txt
* help.txt
* invite.txt
* postheld.txt
* unsub.txt
* userpass.txt
* verify.txt
* masthead.txt

So this tells me that it's somehow possible to have those additional files 
available for editing, and for some reason they are hidden or unavailable 
with the cPanel Mailman setup that I'm currently using.

What I'd love to figure out is how (if possible) to enable those extra files 
so they can be visible and editable. Is there some master switch or setting 
in one of the Mailman site files which controls this? Or a per-list setting?

As you may have gathered, I'm not the site owner, just a list owner within 
this particular site. But if I can learn how the above is changed, I can let 
the site owner know and ask him to make the change. I have no idea what 
factor cPanel plays in this, but hopefully that's not a limitation.

Can anyone offer some pointers?


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