[Mailman-Users] Need help with bug after changing archives frompublic to private

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Feb 17 23:04:01 CET 2012

Mahesh Rathi wrote:
>I have a mailing list that was migrated to HostV from other hosting
>company. The list was set to archive publicly. However, I noticed that
>when clicked on "Go to Archives", the archives were not current. So in
>the archive URL, I changed the pipermail to private and the archives
>showed just fine. That is why I tried to change the option from public
>to private for the aisworld list and it broke with the bug in Mailman

First of all, all the archives, both public and private, are in the
archives/private/ tree. Public archives also have symlinks in the
archives/public/ tree. Thus the pipermail alias should always point to
the archives/public/ directory. By pointing it to archives/private,
you have made all archives publicly accessible via the pipermail URL
regardless of list setting.

You should make the pipermail alias point to archives/public/ and if
necessary, fix permissions on that directory and remove any structure
other than symlinks that you "migrated".

>Finally, this morning, HostV managed to fix it, but here are the new
>1.       Looks like they had backed up to initial migration, where all
>my pending moderator requests are lost.

I'm sorry, but if your moderator request data is lost, it's lost. You
could try asking them to restore only the lists/LISTNAME/ directory
with the most recen content they have, but I would advise you to bite
the bullet and accept what you have, because it sounds like the more
you have them do, the more they screw it up.

>2.       The "Go to archives" still do not show current and now changing
>the url from pipermail to private brings a blank page.

Fix your pipermail alias to point to archives/public/

Then make sure that archives/public/aisworld_lists.aisnet.org is a
symlink to archives/private/aisworld_lists.aisnet.org and not a

Then look at archives/private/aisworld_lists.aisnet.org/. If the
archives are not there, Maybe the hosting service lost them.

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