[Mailman-Users] iPhone App for moderating mails

Manuel Weiel manuelweiel at gmx.de
Thu Feb 23 21:05:03 CET 2012

Am 09.02.2012 um 19:25 schrieb Manuel Weiel:

> Am 09.02.2012 um 19:15 schrieb Mark Sapiro:
>> Manuel Weiel wrote:
>>> If you don't select the advanced settings, the program tries to detect the right mailman configuration and uses this:
>>> if your mail address is test at example.com, it will set the url to http://example.com/mailman/ and the list name to test_example.com.
>> Note that the list name test_example.com implies the Mailman
>> installation is cPanel. In non-cPanel Mailman, the list name will
>> usually be just 'test'.
> That is a good hint. I did notice, that also 'test' seems to be common. But I did not know in which case what list name is used. In the next update, I will test both when advanced is not checked (should not be that hard...)
I've released an updated, that checks both common list names (test and test_example.com in this example), clarifies the settings and fixes some small things.
Also it allows the reordering of lists.

The update is now live in the AppStore.

I'm currently working on adding the ability to add people to the list (including address-book support) and also modifying/deleting someone.

Best regards,
Manuel Weiel

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