[Mailman-Users] No archive

Peter pc2a at pi4cc.nl
Fri Feb 24 15:01:28 CET 2012

Mark Sapiro schreef:
> Peter wrote:
>> I did upgrade from Debian5 to 6 and running mailman version 2.1.13
>> I have postfix running with aliases in mysql.
>> I move the aliases tabel to the new server
>> To move the list to the new server did the next steps:
>> newlist ping, give the needed info, add the members.
>> Then I import the old mbox files and create the archive with:
>> bin/arch ping archives/private/ping.mbox/ping.mbox
>> So far so good.
>> I can send and receive  email to and receive them from the list.
>> I see the old archive, BUT there are no new emails archieved anymore
> Have you checked whether ArchRunner is running and looked at Mailman's
> error log?
Oops, first thing to check and i has done that.
\Found the error:
IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 

That clear!
Check the new list and Debian6 set users to root:www-data.
I changed it tot list:www-data and now added to the archive



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