[Mailman-Users] digest-mode not functioning properly

Lluis Montoliu montoliu at cnb.csic.es
Sat Feb 25 21:25:42 CET 2012

Thanks Mark, just tried what you suggested, and toggled off and back  
on the digestable options. Will see how it goes on the next couple of  
days, whether digest will be dispatched automatically or not.

Found only 13 addresses shared by the two lists from users that had  
selected digest-mode. None of these addresses is associated with  
bounces or known unexpected behaviour, therefore you are probably  
right, and these are not the cause.

In addition, will try convincing my hosting to upgrade our mailman  
installation to 2.1.14. Will let you know.


Quoting Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>:

> Lluis Montoliu wrote:
>> The fact that two of my lists are experiencing these problems and not
>> the rest suggest me that some email addresses that could be shared
>> among the two could be the culprit. I'm investigating this.
> This doesn't seem likely.
>> Currently, problems can't be related to digest messages themselves,
>> because when I trigger their distribution, manually, from admin panel,
>> they are indeed distributed. Simply they are not distributed daily, or
>> when they reach 256 kb, as current settings indicate and sort of keep
>> accummulating messages in an endless manner.
> It is difficult to imagine what could be causing this. Digests are
> working as expected for some lists so cron/senddigests is running.
> Digests can be sent manually from the web admin GUI for the affected
> lists only they are not sent periodically (via cron/senddigests) or
> when triggered on size. This is very mysterious.
> You could try to go to the web admin Digest options page for the
> affected lists and set digestable to No and Submit Your Changes. This
> will produce a warning about digest members not receiving mail which
> you can ignore. Then set digestable back to Yes and Submit Your
> Changes again. This entire process should have no net effect, but it
> may clear some strange condition if there is one.
> It is unfortunate that the hosting service isn't more interested. They
> say Mailman is outdated, yet there are releases from 2.1.12 through
> 2.1.14 that are significantly newer than the 2.1.11 release they are
> running. In any case, if you could get them to look at Mailman's error
> log to see if there are any errors related to these digests, maybe we
> could figure out what's going on.
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