[Mailman-Users] A list is rejected by email server after migration

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Feb 29 18:13:54 CET 2012

Frank Bell writes:

 > After an upgrade last night all our lists can send email except one.
 > It is rejected by the smtp server it says that address does not exist.
 > The mailman page for the list exists, the mbox file exists
 > Any thoughts on what went wrong and how to fix it? (just happens to be 
 > the iss-directors list)

While this is probably not the best place to get help for this problem
-- it's almost surely *not* a *Mailman* problem -- we will give it a
try.  But we need to know what exactly was upgraded and migrated, from
where to where?  Especially, which MTA(s) is (are) used at your site
by hosts involved in list post distribution.  And what address is
being rejected by what server.  (Feel free to post the entire
rejection message.  That's best.  If necessary you can redact
information that needs to be private, but that may make diagnosis

Specifically, if the SMTP server says the address doesn't exist, the
problem is in the MTA configuration.  The first thing to do is to
check for a typo in the aliases for the MTA.  The second is that some
MTAs (Exim, for one) support "automatic" aliases based on certain
conditions that can include the presence of config files and the like.
Perhaps a prerequisite for auto-aliasing is missing for that list.
There are other possibilities but those are the first ones off the top
of my head.

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