[Mailman-Users] A few questions about mailman 2.1.14 install onDreamhost

hk hkap790 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 03:05:59 CET 2012

Thanks again for these answers.

Now I'm wondering . . . how does one export a mailman user list to 
mass-add to another list?
I've looked everywhere, don't see a way.
This is in Mailman 2.1.11 if that matters.
Howard, Chicago

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> hk wrote:
>> I'm considering the move of a longstanding discussion list with 600+ 
>> members from L-Soft Listserv (hosted at a university) to Mailman on 
>> Dreamhost (v2.1.14.)
>> There are a few management features I've really grown to like from 
>> hosting other lists -- I was hoping if someone can tell me if there's 
>> any way to enable them in Mailman (assuming one can't hack Dreamhost's 
>> install . . .?)
>> 1) Mark S helped me get a modification set up to a current mailman list 
>> I manage that enabled real-time notifications of moderation requests 
>> (Thanks again!).  Any way to do this here?
> I don't recall what the issue was in that case, but normally, setting
> General Options -> admin_immed_notify to Yes will cause immediate
> notification to the admins/moderators of all held messages except
> those held for 'emergency' moderation.
> Note that 'emergency' is intended to be used only for emergencies such
> as a flame war. There are other ways to moderate a list in general.
>> 2) I suspect there's a fair amount of joining and leaving this list each 
>> day in its current incarnation, but don't have a way to receive 
>> notifications; of course Mailman does have the option of having owners 
>> notified when members join and leave, but I'm afraid this could generate 
>> too much mail for some moderators.  Is there a way to set this 
>> preference individually like in Yahoogroups so that a mod who didn't 
>> want these messages could not get them, while the other mods still would?
> No. Or I should say, only by leaving the moderator's address out of the
> 'owner' and 'moderator' lists which would cause that moderator to
> receive no notifications at all, which is probably not what you want.
>> 3) I may just be tired but is there a was to set the archives to be 
>> available only when logged in? And/or to munge e-mail addresses like on 
>> Yahoogroups?
> Yes, setting Archiving Options -> archive_private to private will
> require authentication to access the archives. Email address
> obfuscation in the archives is very minimal, i.e. only replacing '@'
> with ' at '.
> If you want a public archive with better obfuscation, you can use a
> third party archiver such as mail-archive.com.

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