[Mailman-Users] password reminder for moderator?

Gerard Henry ghenry at cmi.univ-mrs.fr
Thu Jan 12 07:38:30 CET 2012

On 01/12/12 06:05 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Frank Bell writes:
>   >  I guess the payoff is that the software works well, is free, and
>   >  maintained for free.
>   >  Plus, we have Mr Sapiro who nicely answers our questions for free.
>   >
>   >  Thanks Mark!!
> I'll certainly second this!
>   >  Sorry, the response just bugged me.
> I understand your irritation[1], but please remember that even if a
> person's English seems impeccable, the .fr (etc) indicates that it is
> probably his second (or third) language.  Courteous forms differ in
> different languages, and they're quite hard to learn (try Japanese if
> you're into pain!)  After all, he did try to soften it with a
> reference to "newbie question".
> Footnotes:
> [1]  Sorry, Gerard, I can't explain. :-(  Maybe better phrasing would
> be "It seems to me this case is very common.  Would it be helpful to
> have an option?"
> I also just realized that it's technically not possible to
> auto-subscribe moderators in Mailman 2, because moderators are
> identified not by their email address, but by possession of the
> moderator password.  So Mailman doesn't know who to subscribe!

thanks for all replies, and sorry if i hurt with my "bad" english. 
You're perfectly right...
I'm using mailman since many years, and as you can see at the archives, 
i rarely post because i have no problem.


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