[Mailman-Users] Problem with Blackberry

Jeff Basham jeff at jeffbasham.com
Wed Jan 11 21:24:05 CET 2012

Hello -
I have a subscriber who is on multiple lists that I run.  He gets email on
his Blackberry, and one list is completely fine ... the other list he can't
see the body of the email, only the header.  The only difference with the
2nd list is that it has a header configured in the admin interface.  I
removed the header, and he saw the message without the header just fine,
but leaving it off permanently is not an option.

The header started with "****", so I changed that to "----" and there was
no change ... His Blackberry still would not display the body of the email,
which for everyone else, regular mail clients, iPhones, and other smart
phones see the message just fine.

Both lists are identical in the admin interface, except for the header.
 I've checked every single setting side-by-side.

Any ideas on what to try next?  I am thinking that the blackberry mail
software is seeing the header as a 'signature' and not displaying anything
below it, but I might be way off-base.  I don't have a blackberry, and
never have had one, so I am a little blind on that end.

Anyway .. TIA for any help.


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