[Mailman-Users] identifying moderator that approved a post

Bruce Harrison harrison at utm.edu
Wed Jan 18 19:09:15 CET 2012

The idea of matching web log entries (access_log) with timestamp works fine.  Also noticed that the email address of the approved message is also in the log, which makes it much easier.  Entry from access_log was:

10.x.x.x - - [17/Jan/2012:17:35:52 -0600] "GET /mailman/admindb/information?sender=zzzzzzzz%40utm.edu HTTP/1.1" 200 7069
10.x.x.x - - [17/Jan/2012:17:35:58 -0600] "POST /mailman/admindb/information HTTP/1.1" 200 6655

>From the vette log:

Jan 16 07:08:40 2012 (1213) Information post from zzzzzzzzzz at utm.edu held, message-id=<41CFEEECACD0FA4D9308D660FC54311A1F4A43D0 at EXCH2010MBOX1.utm.edu>: Post to moderated list

Jan 17 17:35:58 2012 (18899) held message approved, message-id: <41CFEEECACD0FA4D9308D660FC54311A1F4A43D0 at EXCH2010MBOX1.utm.edu>

Corresponds nicely with the timestamp of the email received from that list.  About a 6 minute delay, but the list has 1200+ people on it...
Our weblogs were in /usr/local/apache2/logs


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On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 05:42:52PM +0000, Bruce Harrison wrote:
> I don't think the headers show who the moderator would be.  

Message-ID, perhaps?

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