[Mailman-Users] identifying moderator that approved a post

Bruce Harrison harrison at utm.edu
Wed Jan 18 19:48:10 CET 2012

Ah...  thanks for the heads-up!
In our case, the IP and time can lead me to the computer as well.



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Bruce Harrison wrote:

>The idea of matching web log entries (access_log) with timestamp works fine.  Also noticed that the email address of the approved message is also in the log, which makes it much easier.  Entry from access_log was:
>10.x.x.x - - [17/Jan/2012:17:35:52 -0600] "GET 
>/mailman/admindb/information?sender=zzzzzzzz%40utm.edu HTTP/1.1" 200 
>7069 10.x.x.x - - [17/Jan/2012:17:35:58 -0600] "POST 
>/mailman/admindb/information HTTP/1.1" 200 6655

The ?sender=zzzzzzzz%40utm.edu fragment won't always be there. It is there this time because the moderator followed the link to view all messages from zzzzzzzz at utm.edu before approving the message.

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