[Mailman-Users] feature suggestion for digest mode ?

Lucio Chiappetti lucio at lambrate.inaf.it
Tue Jan 24 12:32:23 CET 2012

I have elected to receive the majority of the mailing lists I am 
subscribed to in mime digest mode (actually all the lists who support such 
a mode, which incidentally means all mailman-managed ones).

Recently there was a discussion on the alpine lists about ways to 
automatically trigger (as an user preference in the MTA, not as a list 
preference in mailman or alike) that replies go to the list, not to the 
poster (I'm one of the 50% of the people who think that a discussion list 
is made for discussions not for person-to-person replies).

This can be technically implemented in alpine as a role-setting rule 
triggered by some pattern in the e-mail message one is replying to.

The suggestion was to use List-Id.

However, if one receives from the list as a MIME digest (as I do), and 
accesses individual Message/RFC822 portions as if it were an individual 
e-mail (which I do via a key definition rule in alpine), these portions DO 
NOT CONTAIN ANY of the "list management keywords".

I guess a quick workaround for me would be to use the To: field instead of 
List-Id, but I wonder if a future mailman version could consider a way to 
include the "list management keywords" in the  Message/RFC822 components !

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