[Mailman-Users] understanding Yahoo's "email temporarily deferred due to user complaints"

Dave (FitEyes) dave at fiteyes.com
Thu Jun 7 20:04:46 CEST 2012

Thanks Andrew. I'm going to top-post my reply because I think it may be
clearer to do so.

Yes, we are signed up for Yahoo's feedback loop (since we started the
list), but we are still having this problem. We are not on Yahoo's
whitelist (yet). Our domain is not on any of the 100+ blacklists we monitor

We do DKIM sign all messages from our list (and our SPF and rDNS records
are in place too).

We have full personalization enabled on the server, but "personalize
(nondigest)" is set to NO on this list. We could use it if it would help
with this issue.

We run postfix (on Ubuntu 12.04).

This looks relevant, but it is from 2008. Is it worth changing the postfix
config as explained below?

See from:
to: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2008-February/060485.html
(I didn't find any other info on this topic.)

Rick Harris wrote:
> Thanks for your reply.  I understand that ultimately it is a Yahoo problem
> and ultimately something that will never be cured.  I was hoping since I
> only run one small list that there was a "magic" switch that I could flip
> that would get past Yahoo.
> Rick Harris
Rick, the last time Yahoo did this was in December, and I spent a week
trying to contact someone there with a pulse,
tried getting added to their whitelist, filled in forms, read their
automated responses, etc.
After about two weeks, the deferrals went away. Until now.
Even with my postfix configured for a "slow" Yahoo, as in the following,
I still have 2600 Yahoo deferrals in my retry queue.

yahoo     unix  -       -       n       -       1       smtp

yahoo_destination_recipient_limit = 5            # matches Yahoo's limit
yahoo_destination_concurreny_limit = 2

yahoo.ca        yahoo:
yahoo.com       yahoo:
(with subsequent 'postmap transport')

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 1:48 PM, Andrew Hodgson <andrew at hodgsonfamily.org>wrote:

>  >The message has an attachment named noname.eml (as well as a details.txt
> file). We are assuming this noname.eml is the triggering email >(maybe the
> one that was complained about). (BTW, it was not spam.)
> Those aren't the messages that triggered this, it is likely these
> attachments were generated from your system which was having trouble
> sending to the Yahoo accounts.
> Please read the documents at:
> http://feedbackloop.yahoo.net/
> If you are DKIM signing your messages this is good as it allows you to
> participate in the program, I participate in the program and get the
> complaints that users make (when they click the spam button in their mail
> client) directly.
> Since signing up for the program I have no issue delivering to Yahoo
> addresses.
> >This first response from Yahoo listed (in details.txt) 150 out of about
> 600 total Yahoo members on our list. These were the email addresses that
> >we could not send to for 4 hours. There were 4 subsequent similar messages
> (each with a noname.eml attachment) from Yahoo (so 5 in total) >and now
> this affects 450 out of 600 Yahoo members on our list.
> Yep, you are being throttled so some of the messages will get through, but
> others will be subject to the delay.  There is no pattern on which
> addresses will go through or not, it depends on which order the MTA tries
> to deliver the message.
> Andrew.

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