[Mailman-Users] mails disappear between postfix and mailman

Lupin5th at gmx.net Lupin5th at gmx.net
Sun Mar 11 16:42:38 CET 2012


I´m hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this:
I´m using mailman version 2.1.13, on ubuntu lts 10.4.4, mta is postfix.
Mailman is installed, lists are configured, everything should theoretically be fine. When I send a mail to one of the lists, postfix logs "status=sent (delivered via mailman service)" but no mail ever arrives. neither does mailman log anything in /var/log/mailman/

I´m guessing this means the mails never arrive to be handled by mailman, but shouldn´t this produce some reaction (aka not "status sent") in postfix?
also, if I try to send to e.g. bullshitz at lists.my-domain.net I get the "correct" error in mail.log, that the message can´t be delivered.

I´d very much appreciate anyone giving me some hints where the mails disappear to, or even any hints on how to find out. It´s kinda creping me out that I can´t even find a trace of errors to follow those disappearing mails.

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