[Mailman-Users] RELEASED: GNU Mailman 3.0 beta 1 and Postorius 1.0 alpha 1

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Sat Mar 24 03:00:13 CET 2012

Hello Mailman enthusiasts!

    Use the key, unlock the door
    See what your fate might have in store...

Building on the excitement and amazing progress at our sprints at Pycon 2012,
I am very happy to announce the availability of GNU Mailman 3.0 beta 1, code
named "The Twilight Zone".

After nearly four years of design, discussion, and development, we can now see
a clear path to a final release.  I thank everyone who has helped us get here,
by participating on the mailman-developers mailing list, the bug tracker, in
private conversations, and code contributions, both to Mailman itself and all
the great projects it builds on.  Special thanks go to our recent sprinters,
Andrea Crotti, Florian Fuchs, Toshio Kuratomi, Daniel Mizyrycki, Terri Oda,
Mark Sapiro, and Stephen Turnbull.

While you do want to be careful using 3.0b1 in production, I hope that you
will get a copy of the code and run it through its paces.  Several people are
known to be running real mailing lists using the code base.  At this point,
the feature set is frozen, as is the database schema.  We'll use the schema
migration machinery to do any schema changes from here to the final release.

I'm also ecstatic to announce the first alpha release of Postorius, our new
official name for the Django-based Mailman 3 web user interface.  The name was
suggested by core developer Florian Fuchs in honor of a bass hero of both of
ours, Jaco Pastorius.  Postorius 1.0 alpha 1 is code named "Space Farm".

Postorius is in large part based on the great work of Anna Senarclens de
Grancy and Benedict Stein who worked on a new Mailman web ui during their
Google Summer of Code projects in 2010 and 2011.  This alpha version connects
to Mailman 3.0's REST API to add and edit lists and domains, as well as to
moderate messages.  It uses Django's auth app and Mozilla's BrowserID for
authentication (a list of the current features is contained in the NEWS file
of the package).  Apart from the current state there are many more ideas left
for the upcoming releases.  There is a great team working on the web ui as
well as on a new archiver, so stay tuned, and come join us!

You can download GNU Mailman 3.0b1 from Launchpad or the Python Cheeseshop:


Postorius 1.0a1 is available from Launchpad and Cheeseshop as well:


The GNU Mailman documentation is available online at:


You can submit bug reports to GNU Mailman and Postorius at:


GNU Mailman and Postorius are released under the GNU General Public License
version 3 or later.

(On behalf of the entire GNU Mailman development team)
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