[Mailman-Users] Problem creating mailing lists via web interface in 2.1.11

Steve Matzura smtgv at noisynotes.com
Wed Mar 28 14:34:18 CEST 2012

It works just fine if I log in as root and use newlist, but if I try
to create a new list via the web admin interface, two things happen.
First, I get an error, whose text I do not have in front of me (I
know, I know, first rule of error reporting, report the exact error,
but you probably won't need it when I finish my explanation), and
second, the aliases file is not updated, so if a subscriber tries to
send a message to the list, they receive an auto-reply telling them
"user unknown in virtual mailbox table". My question is, why doesn't
the web interface create new list feature update the aliases file? Is
this a bug or a feature, or is there something I should put into
mm_cfg.py to enable this, similar to

Thanks in advance.

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