[Mailman-Users] Problem creating mailing lists via webinterface in2.1.11

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 28 21:28:27 CEST 2012

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Steve Matzura wrote:
>>second, the aliases file is not updated, so if a subscriber tries to
>>send a message to the list, they receive an auto-reply telling them
>>"user unknown in virtual mailbox table". My question is, why doesn't
>>the web interface create new list feature update the aliases file? Is
>>this a bug or a feature, or is there something I should put into
>>mm_cfg.py to enable this, similar to
>If bin/newlist updates the aliases, web create should too, so clearly
>this has something to do with the error.
>If the list is created and the only problem is that aliases aren't
>updated, it could be a permissions issue. Is Mailman's cgi-bin/create
>wrapper group 'mailman' and SETGID and does group 'mailman' have write
>permission on the aliases?

Also, the "user unknown in virtual mailbox table" error indicates the
list domain is a virtual domain. If the issue is that Mailman's
data/aliases is updated, but data/virtual-mailman is not, the problem
is that the email host_name for the list is not in
POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS. For a web create, the host_name is
determined by taking the web host from the URL used to go to the
create page and looking it up in the VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary
(basically your add_virtualhost entries) and getting the host name
from there.

But, as Stephen suggests, don't make us guess. Give us all the

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