[Mailman-Users] All mails do not reach to all users...

Amit Bhatt misterbhatt at gmail.com
Thu May 10 01:40:02 CEST 2012

So it means we have to do it every time when a new member join us? because 
such problem is faced by almost every member of our mailing list.
Suppose I do send 20 messages a day, many of our subscriber get only 10 
messages. Similarly, if some others send 20 messages, I and other 
subscribers get only a few messages, but not all 20. This is just for 


amit Bhatt
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> On 5/8/2012 9:43 AM, Amit Bhatt wrote:
>> I finally shifted to the new service provider
>> and they are Internationally known as very good service provider and
>> their mail delivery and other services seem to be working fine but
>> the issue of non delivery of E-mails to some users still remain
>> there. I have discussed this matter with other moderators of two
>> different mailing list and they told me that they also confront the
>> same issue some time. so what does it mean? Is this a bug on Mailman?
>> Can we expect not to be happened in mailman 3 in the coming future?
> No, it is not a bug in Mailman and it probably will be no different
> under Mailman 3.
> You have to follow the mail through the various MTAs between your
> Mailman server and the recipient server.
> Typically, you or your service provider will find a log message
> indicating the original email message was accepted for delivery by the
> recipient's ISP, but the recipient never gets the mail. At this point,
> All you can do is provide the recipient with the full log message
> containing timestamp and the receiving server's queue ID, and then the
> recipient has to take this up with their ISP.
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