[Mailman-Users] All mails do not reach to all users...

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu May 10 02:01:03 CEST 2012

Amit Bhatt wrote:

>So it means we have to do it every time when a new member join us? because 
>such problem is faced by almost every member of our mailing list.
>Suppose I do send 20 messages a day, many of our subscriber get only 10 
>messages. Similarly, if some others send 20 messages, I and other 
>subscribers get only a few messages, but not all 20. This is just for 

This is not a Mailman issue. It seems likely that your mail is
triggering various ISPs spam filters based on its content. This can
only be resolved by communicating with the ISPs involved. If you can
convince them that your lists are confirmed opt-in (aka double opt-in)
and that everyone on your lists have made an informed, affirmative
decision to be on the list and that anyone can easily unsubscribe,
some of them may whitelist you.

No one said this was easy. Quite a few years ago, I was 'felt out' for
my interest in working for an email list provider on a full time basis
doing exactly this kind of liason with ISPs. I wasn't interested in
any paid employment at the time and even if I had been, I wouldn't
have been interested in that one. I can only imagine that the
magnitude of this job has grown significantly since then.

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