[Mailman-Users] Giving away the secrets of 99.3% email delivery

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu May 10 22:28:56 CEST 2012

David wrote:
>The 37Signals article caught my attention. I would enjoy knowing others's
>thoughts about how to apply these (or other) suggestions to Mailman.
>It seems to me that Mailman provides at least some of the intelligence (via
>logs) that 37Signals custom developed on top of Postfix. Am I right? The
>core suggestions seem to be universalL SPF records, DKIM signing, reverse
>DNS entries, etc.. (And, btw, I don't yet know how to implement any of
>those things except SPF records.)

DKIM signing is normally done in an outgoing MTA. SPF and reverse DNS
are DNS things, not Mailman.

In general, best practices for Mailman servers are the same as best
practices for sending mail in general.

Mailman does have the ability to remove DKIM signatures from incoming
mail where Mailman might break these signatures by, e.g., prefixing
Subject: headers and/or adding list header or footer information to
message bodies, but this is controversial. Also, DKIM signing of
outgoing list mail is controversial because by doing so, you are
saying that your server vouches for the legitimacy of this mail when,
in fact, it may be spam that made it through your list.

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