[Mailman-Users] Logging failed Admin logins [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Dale, Mark Mark.Dale at climatechange.gov.au
Mon May 21 07:21:21 CEST 2012

Hi All,

I'm looking for a way to prevent the Mailman Admin login from getting bruted. I was thinking that I can set fail2ban to watch the logfiles and trigger an event after a certain number of failed logins from the same IP address, within a specified time period.

I've had a look through the Mailman log files and can't see that Mailman writes anywhere for failed login attempts (to the Admin page).

It seems that the best that can be done at the moment is to guess it from the POST entries in the Apache logs.

Even there,  a failed login just reloads the page and  generates an Apache '200' (Okay) entry for the request.

All I can think of at the moment is to hack the Mailman code so a failed login attempt sends the user to a new page rather than just reload the page.

We could then tell fail2ban to watch the Apache access logs for records of those requests and trigger events off those.

But that seems a bit untidy, and very 'unMailman' like.

Does anyone have a suggestion for logging the time and IP address of failed login attempts?

Mark Dale


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