[Mailman-Users] Login to private archive

Michael blablubb at divepage.net
Fri Nov 2 11:24:03 CET 2012


Hello mailman-users, 

I am new to mailman and ran into a problem
with my fresh 2.1.13 installation of mailman. 

My first created list is
defined with private option for archive, so list members have to login
before they can view the archive.
The login for users works well on the
edit profile page, but not on the archive page. 

After entering the
login credencials I receive a 301 redirect to the archive page.
consider there should be the archive shown now.
Instead there is only
the login form again.
Taking a look at the cookies in the browser I can
see that there has no cookie been set. 

Do you have any idea about this

Regards from Augsburg, Germany,

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