[Mailman-Users] Mailman archive - archive date does not match thedate the message was posted

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Nov 5 05:07:43 CET 2012

Anthony Wilson (Jaf) wrote:

>There is an existing Mailman list with an archive which needs to be moved
>to a different server, however it seems that the archive is a bit messed
>up. I assume that the list was set up in 2006, but for some reason there is
>a 2002 archive, and all of the posts in there seem to have been posted in
>2012. It's a public archive so I assume there's no harm in posting a link
>to it - https://secure.neap.net/pipermail/montrealers/.  Is there some way
>to fix this?

There are two different groups of messages in the archive for January,
2002. One group is messages numbered 023657 through 023673. These
actually belong in July, 2009 between

The other group is messages numbered 052646 through 052858. These
actually belong in May, 2012 between

How they wound up with wrong dates is something of a mystery. My best
guess is that the system clock on the server that archived them was
set wrong during some periods in July 2009 and May 2012, but that
seems far fetched.

I'm assuming that the messages are in correct sequence in the
archives/private/montrealers.mbox/montrealers.mbox file. The first
step is to find some of these messages in that file ans see what the
time stamps are in their From_ lines and Date: headers. If the time
stamps appear correct there,

bin/arch --wipe montrealers

will probably fix everything. If those time stamps are from 2002, I
think the answer is manually editing the timestamps in
archives/private/montrealers.mbox/montrealers.mbox file and then
running the above bin/arch command.

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