[Mailman-Users] suppress duplicate when posting addressedtolistand its alias name

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Nov 6 21:00:18 CET 2012

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Actually, AvoidDuplicates.py ccould serve as a good example, but it is
>currently not actually used. It is experimental and is bot included in
>the default GLOBAL_PIPELINE.

I seem to be having more than my usual problems with
typing/proofreading this morning. The above paragraph should say

Actually, AvoidDuplicates.py could serve as a good example, but it is
currently not actually used. It is experimental and is not included in
the default GLOBAL_PIPELINE.

More importantly, I was confused. AvoidDuplicates.py does appear in the
GLOBAL_PIPELINE, but it does not do what its docstring says it does.
All it does in its current form is not send to list recipients who are
explicitly addressed in a To: or Cc: header of the message and you
have selected the nodups option for the list.

Thus, there is no "in-memory dictionary of Message-ID: and recipient
pairs" and no testing to see if a recipient has already received
another copy of the message from Mailman. The intent of the feature
described in the docstring is to enable the elimination of sending
multiple copies of messages which were cross-posted to multiple lists
to a recipient who is a member of more than one of those lists. This
feature was never successfully implemented.

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