[Mailman-Users] mailman across firewall

E Kogler igoetrich at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 8 07:54:12 CET 2012

my task is to establish access to mailman across a firewall.
The configuration looks (of course ;-) ) like that:


On the Firewall there is a mail-relay with postfix installed, on the Internal server the courier-mta does the job.
I'm wondering how to cross the firewall without much work for me as the sysadmin.
What I came up with is to have each list with all its addresses on the valid recipients list on the mail-relay but it seems to me a little bit complicated because I'm planning to have a few lists running on the internal server.
The other solution which came to my mind is to have mailman on the FW and tweaking the mail-relay.

Is there a better way doing this ?

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