[Mailman-Users] Why is Mailman still sending bounce messages?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Nov 8 22:57:19 CET 2012

Josh Berkus wrote:
>> 1) I set bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings=0
>> 2) Using a withlist script, I removed all list members with any bounce
>> stats at all.
>> Yet, when I checked today, there were 98 outgoing bounce warnings
>> (undeliverable) in the queue.  Huh?
>Clarification: 98 *new* bounce messages, from after the withlist purge.

I am guessing that what you are saying is these messages are queued in
Postfix for addresses that give a Postfix retryable error. If you are
saying something different, please clarify as to where they are queued
and perhaps what their content is.

If my guess is correct, what is happening is you have removed any
bouncing members, so any subsequent bounces for current members are
initial bounces. Thus, I am also guessing that bounce_processing is
Yes, and bounce_score_threshold is <= 1.0 so that an initial bounce
will trigger immediate removal of the member from the list, and your
98 messages are the goodbye messages sent to the removed members
because the list's General Options -> send_goodbye_msg is Yes.

Assuming these messages were in fact generated as a result of Mailman's
bounce processing, there will be entries in Mailman's 'bounce' log
corresponding to the messages.

If the above is not the explanation, please give more detail so we can
understand what the problem is.	
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