[Mailman-Users] Unsub in the Mmembership List Does Not Work

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Nov 9 22:08:16 CET 2012

Vladimir Mikhelson wrote:

>Yes, I can.  I have tried "nomail" and "ack" back and forth with no

Then I don't know what the issue might be. The unsub checkbox works for
me. What is your Mailman version? Is there an appropriate POST
transaction in your web server logs from when you did the 'unsub'?

If you look at the source of a membership list page in your browser,
does a typical row look as follows except for the actual user name and
address and the available languages?

      <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_unsub"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
href="../../options/gpc-test/mark--at--msapiro.net">mark at msapiro.net</a><br><INPUT
name="mark%40msapiro.net_realname" type="TEXT" value="Mark Sapiro"
size="22" ><INPUT name="user" type="HIDDEN" value="mark%40msapiro.net"
      <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_mod" type="CHECKBOX"
value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_hide" type="CHECKBOX"
value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_nomail"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_ack" type="CHECKBOX"
value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_notmetoo"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_nodupes"
type="CHECKBOX" value="on" CHECKED ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_digest"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_plain"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
<Select name="mark%40msapiro.net_language">
 <option value="ca"> Catalan </option>
 <option value="de"> German </option>
 <option value="el"> Greek </option>
 <option value="en" Selected> English (USA) </option>
 <option value="es"> Spanish (Spain) </option>
 <option value="fr"> French </option>
 <option value="he"> Hebrew </option>
 <option value="ja"> Japanese </option>
 <option value="pt_BR"> Portuguese (Brazil) </option>
 <option value="ru"> Russian </option>

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