[Mailman-Users] Unsub in the Mmembership List Does Not Work

Vladimir Mikhelson vlad at hollebcons.com
Fri Nov 9 22:24:03 CET 2012

On 11/9/2012 3:08 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Vladimir Mikhelson wrote:
>> Yes, I can.  I have tried "nomail" and "ack" back and forth with no
>> problems.
> Then I don't know what the issue might be. The unsub checkbox works for
> me. What is your Mailman version? Is there an appropriate POST
> transaction in your web server logs from when you did the 'unsub'?
> If you look at the source of a membership list page in your browser,
> does a typical row look as follows except for the actual user name and
> address and the available languages?
>     <tr>
>       <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_unsub"
> type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
>       <td><a
> href="../../options/gpc-test/mark--at--msapiro.net">mark at msapiro.net</a><br><INPUT
> name="mark%40msapiro.net_realname" type="TEXT" value="Mark Sapiro"
> size="22" ><INPUT name="user" type="HIDDEN" value="mark%40msapiro.net"
>> </td>
>       <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_mod" type="CHECKBOX"
> value="off" ></center></td>
>       <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_hide" type="CHECKBOX"
> value="off" ></center></td>
>       <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_nomail"
> type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
>       <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_ack" type="CHECKBOX"
> value="off" ></center></td>
>       <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_notmetoo"
> type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
>       <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_nodupes"
> type="CHECKBOX" value="on" CHECKED ></center></td>
>       <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_digest"
> type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
>       <td><center><INPUT name="mark%40msapiro.net_plain"
> type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
>       <td><center>
> <Select name="mark%40msapiro.net_language">
>  <option value="ca"> Catalan </option>
>  <option value="de"> German </option>
>  <option value="el"> Greek </option>
>  <option value="en" Selected> English (USA) </option>
>  <option value="es"> Spanish (Spain) </option>
>  <option value="fr"> French </option>
>  <option value="he"> Hebrew </option>
>  <option value="ja"> Japanese </option>
>  <option value="pt_BR"> Portuguese (Brazil) </option>
>  <option value="ru"> Russian </option>
> </Select></center></td>
>     </tr>

I hear you.  As I wrote in my followup e-mail I suspect initial list
setup inconsistencies.  I am still waiting to hear what you think about
this theory.
In a meantime I tried to add a new subscriber and was able to delete
them with no issue.

Nov 09 14:57:45 2012 (19561) surcharge-letter: new vlad at hollebcons.com,
admin mass sub
Nov 09 14:58:14 2012 (19663) surcharge-letter: deleted
vlad at hollebcons.com; member mgt page

Mailman version 2.1.15
Pyphon version: 2.7.3

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