[Mailman-Users] A question about IncomingRunner

METU E-List Admin listeyon at metu.edu.tr
Tue Nov 13 14:44:25 CET 2012


We are using Mailman 2.1.13 from Debian repositories (which is the 
latest version for squeeze). We are facing late mail delivery problems 
and after some research, we think we managed to overcome these problems 
by changing some configuration options. Although Mailman seems to 
running fine, we have observed an issue.

The issue is related with IncomingRunner. This qrunner process takes up 
approx. 1 GB RAM and sometimes causes high loads. We couldn't determine 
what causes high RAM and CPU usages.

The question is; this is an expected result of Mailman process? If not, 
how can we determine the root cause of this problem?


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