[Mailman-Users] mass edit on a mailing list

Lucio Chiappetti lucio at lambrate.inaf.it
Wed Nov 14 12:34:10 CET 2012

Let us assume that a substantial fraction of members of a nationwide 
mailing list (say about 110 on 1135) have changed domain, i.e.

   user at domain1.tld and user at domain2.tld

have now migrated to user at domain2.tld

Is there a way by which the *moderators* (which are sparse in different 
institutions and have access to the mailing list only via the web 
interface) can apply a mass edit (changing domain1 and domain2 into 
domain3) ?

Or can that be done via line-mode commands only by the *administrator*
(who has the list server in house) ?

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