[Mailman-Users] Download pipermail archives, convert to mbox file (script)

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Wed Nov 14 21:38:37 CET 2012

* Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> [121017 16:57]:
> If the list's archive is public and you are not a subscriber, your
> script is probably fine (I didn't look in detail), but if you are
> willing to subscribe first, whether the archives are private or
> public, you can get the list's entire cummulative mbox archive with
> something like
> wget
> 'http://www.example.com/mailman/private/LIST.mbox/LIST.mbox?username=U&password=P'
> where LIST is the list name, U is a list member's address and P is that
> member's list password. This has the advantage of getting all the
> message's headers as processed by Mailman with the exception of those
> added by SMTPDirect.py (Sender: and Errors-To:), not just those few
> that are in the periodic .txt or .txt.gz files.

Thanks, this is great for catching up on subscribed-to lists. I just
used this to download the entire history of mailman-users into one
247MB mbox file. The only post-processing required involved removing
the first line (which was blank) of the file.

Question -- does that comprehensive mbox file exist on the server
somewhere (ie, not generated per request)? I'm wondering if it'd be
possible to set up rsync to do incremental updates and mirror backups
of an archive to other locations. I'm guessing rsync's delta-transfer
algorithm would use roughly the same amount of bandwidth as SMTP...
though it would re-write the entire mbox file at the destination with
each sync.

But also, I was thinking this could be used to fill gaps in list
traffic (when away from the net for extended periods of time & the
inbox exceeds number of allowed messages, mail server goes down for
some reason, etc.), offering a way to sync up without re-downloading
a potentially huge file. But maybe in this case a scheme for limiting
the download to a certain date range similar to how Gmane allows
setting a range of message numbers in a download URL [1] would make
more sense. Is there such a functionality in Mailman?

[1] http://gmane.org/export.php 



John Magolske

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