[Mailman-Users] what is a virtual domain?

Thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 04:38:12 CET 2012

How does a virtual domain differ from a domain?

6.1.2 Virtual domains

Note: This section describes how to integrate Mailman with Postfix for
automatic generation of Postfix virtual_alias_maps for Mailman list
addresses. Mailman's support of virtual domains is limited in that list
names must be globally unique within a single Mailman instance, i.e., two
lists may not have the same name even if they are in different domains.


What I'm looking to do is to use postfix "vanity domains".  A vanity domain
is the same thing as a virtual domain?  These are syntactically valid

"Postfix on hosts without a real Internet hostname

This section is for hosts that don't have their own Internet hostname.
Typically these are systems that get a dynamic IP address via DHCP or via
dialup. "


Such as those available for free from no-ip.com?  On no-ip.com it's just
called a host, and you can add hosts from a drop down of domains which
no-ip.com owns.  I would call it a sub-domain.  The lingo is throwing me a

In this event, just enter the FQDN from no-ip.com into mailman and let
postfix handle the rest?



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