[Mailman-Users] monthly archive

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Nov 19 19:44:57 CET 2012

Thufir wrote:

>When I visit the archive for my first list, alpha, it says:
>  No messages have been posted to this list yet, so the archives are 
>currently empty. You can get more information about this list.
>However, I subscribed thufir at dur.bounceme.com, receive the e-mail 
>locally, clicked the link, sent a first post, received a copy to 
>thufir at dur.bounceme.net.  The list itself seems to work fine.

Then the post should have been archived assuming ArchRunner is running,
no errors are reported in Mailman's logs/error log and the list's
Archiving options -> archive is set to Yes.

>I've reviewed the list settings through the web UI and it says to 
>archive monthly.  Do I need to wait a month before that first post shows 
>in the archive?


>Also, where are the settings for a list stored?  I browse to something like:
>but I'm not sure where the config file for that setting for this mailing 
>list actually resides.

Mailman's lists/LISTNAME/config.pck

>Do I need to "run" mailman to create the archive?

Mailman (ArchRunner) must be running to archive messages, but then if
Mailman isn't running, posts will not be processed and sent to list

>Can I directly access 
>the archive files and list config files without the web UI?

Yes. The archive files are in archives/private/LISTNAME*

Tools for examining/changing the list configuration are in Mailman's
bin/ directory.

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