[Mailman-Users] Manipulate mailman in / out queue

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Oct 17 06:35:49 CEST 2012

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Xueshan Feng wrote:
>>The real operational question here is each time if we have to stop / start
>>mailman to move files,  than for large volume queues, it would take a lot
>>of manual process. The procedure I have used is:
>>- stop mailman
>>- move queue files or .bak file aside
>   Move the whole directory, not the contents.
>>- start mailman
>>- move some files back, or .bak back into the queue
>>(note  files are moved back while mailman is running)

It's implied by the rest of my reply, but moving a .bak file into the
queue while the runner for that slice is running does nothing until
that runner is stopped or crashes and is restarted. If you want to
actually process a .bak file you've moved aside, rename it .pck before
moving it back.

Note that you can examine the messages in queue entries with Mailman's
bin/show_qfiles and see the messages and metadata with Mailman's
bin/dumpdb. This may help in deciding whether to reprocess a
particular entry. But, in your case, where the backlog in processing
was due to an MTA outage, all the entries should be good.

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