[Mailman-Users] There are no pending requests when clicking on the link in the mail

Andreas Nitsche andi at sixhop.net
Tue Oct 30 09:07:10 CET 2012


I tried to search some answers for this problem but didn't find anyone.

I'm getting a daily mail which says that there is one mail which needs 
to be moderated. The link I get is


When clicking on that link the site says that there are no pending requests.

 From other posts I got the hint to have a look at some files, so there is heldmsg-orga file within the data directory and even in lists/orga/request.pck is a hint to this mail.

I also checked the permissions with check_perms and corrected them after the mail was received with check_perms -f.

Can you tell me what's going wrong here?


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