[Mailman-Users] Problem with Administrative requests for MailingList

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Oct 31 17:42:55 CET 2012

Tim Chesnutt wrote:

>I have enabled mailing lists under cPanel on my hosting package and am 
>doing my own testing to ensure I understand how it works before inviting 
>other users, and putting the system into service.

See the FAQs at <http://wiki.list.org/x/sYA9> and

>When I visited the "Administrative requests for mailing list" page I see 
>all the options, but none of them have any functionality.  That is no 
>matter what option or options I select, when I click "Submit All Data" 
>the page cycles, and returns with no change in the message status - no 
>messages get Accepted, no messages get Rejected, no messages get 
>Discarded, and no message is sent back to the author of the post (I have 
>tried all possible combinations to see if there were someway to trigger 
>action from this page, but to no avail.

See the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/ioA9>.

Also, examine the source of the web page and look at the action= URL in
the form tag. Is this URL identical to the URL of the page?

Also, is there any message at the top of the returned page?

>In addition to not being able to administer these posts while signed in 
>as the List Administrator, I note that I also can not cancel these posts 
>from the email address they were originally submitted: When I follow the 
>link to  cancel the posting, I am asked for a "confirmation string (i.e. 
>/cookie/) that you received in your email message".  There is no 
>confirmation string received in the email system message telling me that 
>my post is awaiting moderation.

The URL in the message you receive should be of the form


where xxxxxx is a string of 40 hex digits. If you go to that URL, you
shouldn't need to provide a confirmation string, but if the URL is
split by your mail reader, you might just be going to


or something with less than the full 40 hex digits. In any case, the 40
hex digits are the confirmation string.

>The Mailman version provided is 2.1.14-1, and the hosting company has 
>been of no use to date in this question as they are unfamiliar with this 

You might consider trying to find a hosting service that is more
committed to serving its customers ;)

>(there is another quirk that I mention here in case it is in some manner 
>related, though I think not:  While in cPanel, looking under the heading 
>Mailing Lists, the resulting page allows me to set up mailing lists, but 
>for some reason the "modify" link with each mailing list does not take 
>me to the Mailing List Administration page but to a broken link.  I had 
>not worried about this lack of convenience as I can enter directly)

This is a cPanel feature which is not a part of GNU Mailman. I can't
help with cPanel's list maintenance features outside the standard GNU
Mailman web admin and admindb interfaces.

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