[Mailman-Users] accept not accepeted

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Apr 3 21:46:18 CEST 2013

On 4/2/2013 11:21 PM, jdd wrote:
> it appears to be from a subscriber mailing list (not mine). The "from"
> is in my "to be accepted" list, but its moderated. I would like to have
> these mails accepted without moderation (but not all bulk messages from
> anywhere :-().
> comments in the aministrative page:
> De:     fcouchet at april.org
> Objet:     [Lettre April] Lettre d'information interne des adhérents de
> l'April du 1er avril 2013
> Motif:     Message avec destination implicite

The message has an implicit destination. This means that the list is not
explicitly addressed in a To: or Cc: header of the message.

As it says
> Blind carbon copies or other implicit destinations are not allowed. Try
> reposting your message by explicitly including the list address in the
> To: or
> Cc: fields.

Since you don't have control over this message, you have to do it
another way.

> From: Frederic Couchet <fcouchet@
> To: all-april@

This is problematic. To pass this email you'd need to do one of two
things. You can go to Privacy options -> Recipient filters and put
all-april in acceptable_aliases, but that probably won't work because
next month's will be all-may. These are regexps so you could try


where example.com is the real domain.

The other choice is to just set require_explicit_destination to No, but
that may allow some spam that would otherwise get held by this check.

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