[Mailman-Users] receive your own posts problem

William Bagwell rb211 at tds.net
Thu Apr 11 18:25:09 CEST 2013

On Thursday 11 April 2013, Joseph Brennan wrote:
> The solution, or workaround I would say, is to change the Message-ID.
> Possibly, a milter could do this on the way in on the Mailman host. Maybe
> add a fixed string to what's already there.
> However this might have some impact on non Gmail users that does not come
> to mind immediately, so I am NOT saying to do this.

As long as it defaults off and is user selectable I think this would be a 
nice feature. Suggested similar in the past... It will break threading for 
those of us who want full Usenet style indented threading. Doubt that those 
who read mail in a web browser or read and delete will notice.

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