[Mailman-Users] member address in envolope ID and From: lines

Al Black al-black at telus.net
Tue Apr 16 08:56:47 CEST 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm working with an issue that is related to:


Specifically, I have some users on a couple of lists that are gmail users with multiple accounts linked to that gmail address.  They use it to send mail while at work, but still have it appear to come from their home address.  All good except when they a) screw up with the wrong address, or b) when that old address is no longer active.  (And there is a history of people forging mail on the lists, not the case now, but you know people are sensitive about the issue...)

I have modified the mm_cfg.py file from:

SENDER_HEADERS = ('from', None, 'reply-to', 'sender')


SENDER_HEADERS = ('from', 'reply-to', 'sender')

and it works.

Thinking about it a bit more, it would be better if there was a check to make sure the email address in the envelope ID matched actually matched the address in the "From:".  Is there a way of setting that in the  mm_cfg.py file?  Ideally, my preference would be to work with the individual users on this, in part because it only happened on a couple of lists.  Could a Regexp catch this in the spam filters settings.



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