[Mailman-Users] member address in envolope ID and From: lines

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Apr 17 06:24:14 CEST 2013

Al Black writes:

 > Specifically, I have some users on a couple of lists that are gmail
 > users with multiple accounts linked to that gmail address.  They
 > use it to send mail while at work, but still have it appear to come
 > from their home address.

This means that the envelope address will not match the From address
as far as I can see.  So I don't understand this requirement:

 > Thinking about it a bit more, it would be better if there was a
 > check to make sure the email address in the envelope ID matched
 > actually matched the address in the "From:".

This is a very strong requirement to impose on users.  It makes it
difficult to present yourself appropriately if you're sending from a
different address for some reason.  (If I misunderstood the scenario
you present in the first paragraph, this may not be a problem for your
subscribers, but I would find it a major PITA if I were subscribed.)

OTOH, in most cases it should not be restrictive to require envelope
sender = Sender.

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