[Mailman-Users] Don't reply to held messages

Norbert Aschendorff norbert.aschendorff at yahoo.de
Sat Apr 20 21:03:30 CEST 2013

Hi, I'm the list administrator of a list which frequently receives spam
messages which then are hold because of an implicit destination. As it
isn't considered as clever to reply to spam mails (because it's a
confirmation of the validity of your address to the spammer), is there
the possibility to disable the automatic reply to a held message (/Your
message to [List] awaits moderator approval/)? I didn't find information
on the web (but maybe I just used the wrong keywords :)

And yes, I know what I'm doing. Legitimate users will not experience
held messages without information where the post is gone (because anyone
may send mail to the list, only /require_explicit_destination/ holds
posts -- and only spammers use implicit destinations)


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