[Mailman-Users] Exporting users list and inviting new users

Javad Hoseini-Nopendar javad at irannopendar.com
Sat Apr 27 10:28:56 CEST 2013

Hi everybody
I already asked this question too, but did not receive any reply. Is there any way I can export the list of members of my mailing list into a text file or Excel file or a kind of editable file?

I have another question too. Is there a way I can invite new members to the mailing list, just by sending an email to a particular address? For example my mailing list address is IranRAVI at IranRAVI.com and I want to invite User1 at yahoo.com to this group. I send an email to IranRavi-Invite at IranRAVI.com and include user1 at yahoo.com in subject line and this user is invited to the mailing list. Such thing is possible?

Best Regards 

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