[Mailman-Users] About PostLimit.py again ( was :To restrict sending email messages per day)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Aug 10 22:46:22 CEST 2013

On 08/08/2013 08:54 AM, e.c. wrote:
> Thanks for these pythons routines, Mark. Since I don't know much about
> the language, I need some clarification on the part of the code between
> triple quote marks (""") and also between the lines that have
> ----------- cut -----. Are these constructs some kind of ad hoc python
> syntax extensions for commenting out or do they need to be made
> invisible with prepended # characters?

The text contained within the """ marks is a Python docstring.
Everything from

"""Handler to limit a member's posts to a list to M per calendar day or
M per


-------------------------- cut ------------

is documentation.

The lines between

-------------------------- cut ------------

lines, i.e., beginning with

import copy

and ending with

        mlist.post_period = 0

are what you could put in lists/LISTNAME/extend.py after editing the lines

        mlist.post_member_limit = 0
        mlist.post_list_limit = 0
        mlist.post_period = 0

per the comments preceding them.

> I would especially like to know whether it's possible to substitute
> worldtime (gmt) in the places where localtime is referenced.

Yes. Just replace the four occurrences of time.localtime with
time.gmtime. Note that this only affects the time zone for determining
the current day if the period is the current day rather than a number of

> This
> posting throttling functionality is needed to make a mailman list
> correspond as closely as possible to the functionality once offered by
> LISTSERV.  Is the part of the code between the cut marks only to be used
> if the globals M, L, and PERIOD are to be set with list attributes via
> the extend.py file? Could someone comment the code relating to the
> global PERIOD and localetime.

The extend.py or something equivalent is required in any case tio
i8nsert the PostLi8mit handler into the list's pipeline.

If period is set to a non-zero value, it is irrelevant whether time is
local time or UTC (GMT) because an elapsed number of hours is the same
regardless of time zone.

> For my purposes PERIOD could be hardcoded
> to 24 hours and based on gmt.

Just copy the code between the

-------------------------- cut ------------

lines to lists/LISTNAME/extend.py and change

        mlist.post_period = 0


        mlist.post_period = 24

in that file. You will also need to set

        mlist.post_member_limit = M

in that file where M is the maximum number of user posts per 24 hour
period, e.g.

        mlist.post_member_limit = 2

will reject the 3rd post from a member within the last 24 hours, and if
you want to limit the total number of list posts, also set
mlist.post_list_limit to that limit.

> It looks like the code at
> http://www.msapiro.net/scripts/PostLimit.py can't be inserted as is into
> Mailman/Handlers/PostLimit.py
> Am I right about that?

No, the code at http://www.msapiro.net/scripts/PostLimit.py is intended
to be copied as is to Mailman/Handlers/PostLimit.py

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